As safety manager you are responsible for compliance and safety issues including hazardous material placarding.

Placard Wizard will give your drivers the correct placards to use based on the hazardous materials loaded in their trailer. It will help reduce the number of drivers and shipments out of service because of incorrect placarding or incomplete charts that do not fully explain all the hazardous material regulations.

Placard Wizard is a software system that interprets the 49 CFR and gives a placard solution based on the class, weight and the UN number loaded. Placard Wizard technology goes beyond the usual charts. Having the least amount of placards on a trailer draws the least amount of attention from DOT inspectors. Placard Wizard always gives you the minimal amount of placards to comply with the 49 CFR. Placard Printing Solution helps reduce hazardous fines or risk of losing your hazardous license. Call us and implement the Placard Wizard solution in your operation.

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